Create Safe, Effective & Affordable Microbiome-Targeted Products To Improve the Sustainability of Food-Animal Production, and the Health & Wellness of Companion Animals

Welcome to the 6th Annual Microbiome Movement - Animal Health & Nutrition Summit 2023

Transforming Animal Health Via the Microbiome

Are you looking to leverage the animal microbiome for your product portfolios? From supplements and feed to therapeutics, the 6th Annual Microbiome Movement - Animal Health and Nutrition Summit aims to help product developers overcome challenges to fully capitalize on the benefits of transforming animal health and wellness through the microbiome. As the only event focusing solely on sustainability practisesregulatory guidance, and microbiome product development insights, this event is your one-stop-shop to develop and commercialise successful product portfolios.

As experts, you understand that the intricate ecosystem of the animal microbiome holds the key to unlocking new dimensions of animal wellbeing and sustainability. But how can we, as an industry, use these insights to create and commercialize new nutritional and therapeutic products?  

This November, join your fellow microbiome experts from the livestock and companion animal sectors to spark cross-disciplinary conversations, ignite new partnerships, and steer the course towards groundbreaking product development. 

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Overcome prevailing challenges around antibiotic resistance by creating new microbiome-modulating products including prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics

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Elucidate how to successfully navigate the upcoming regulations around antibiotic use and new feed/ingredient approval to build a robust product portfolio

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Capitalize on the surge of innovative tools and technologies we now possess to effectively decode, analyze, and compare datasets from across species and covert into practical solutions that elevate animal well-being









Expert Speakers Include:

Wonderful to interact with in person again and attendees interacted with the speakers and each other. Panels and fireside chats helped the meeting be more interactive” - Alexandra Smith, Director- Innovation & Product Development, Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition

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