Turn Scientific Advancements in Microbiome Research into Effective, Profitable Therapeutic & Nutritional Products to Improve Companion & Livestock Animal Health & Sustainability

Returning October 2023

Welcome to the 5th Annual Microbiome Movement - Animal Health & Nutrition Summit 2022

Transforming Animal Health Via the Microbiome

Are you an animal feed or therapeutic developer looking for guidance on how to successfully introduce the animal microbiome into your product portfolios? Perhaps you’re in need of a toolkit which will help you and your team rethink the way you approach livestock sustainability practices?

The 5th Microbiome Movement - Animal Health & Nutrition Summit is the definitive forum for experts in the animal microbiome-targeting industry, who are trying to define the connection between a healthy animal microbiome and sustainable livestock sustainability in order to amplify product pipelines.

Join fellow microbiome experts from livestock, companion animal, and aquaculture indications to share insights, discuss the latest scientific developments, and tackle the shared challenges of this industry.

Why now?

Scientific research into animal health and
welfare has never been more important for
building a more sustainable future

The abundance of recent developments in
human microbiome science allows for more
translational science into the animal

Emerging tools and technologies have allowed
us to understand effective models of action
and data analysis which can be applied across
species and into real-world products that
improve animal health

The industry is finally gaining an understanding
of the importance of a healthy animal microbiome,
and what it means for product development,
sustainability and future regulatory success

25+ Expert Speakers Included

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