The Development of An Animal-Specific Metagenomic Sequencing Pipeline to Increase Our Understanding of the Microbiome

Time: 9:30 am


  • The lack of complete animal-specific databases for microbiome studies
    has limited our understanding of the animal microbiome
  • Diversigen has developed MetaGene™ Mouse, a mouse-specific shotgun
    metagenomic sequencing pipeline and a mouse-specific microbiome
    database that significantly improve the detection and identification of
    bacterial species and strains unique to mice, outperforming publically
    available databases
  • MetaGene™ Mouse increases the overall median mapping rate from 12%
    to 45%. Furthermore, it increases the understanding of the microbiome
    function thanks to a 5-fold increase in functional mapping rate based on
    our mouse-specific database.
  • The approach we took with the mouse microbiome can be applied to any
    animal species, including companion, and production, to facilitate a better
    understanding of each animal’s unique microbiome