Deborah Springer

Deborah Springer

Company: Resilient Biome

Job title: Principal Scientist


Microbiome Therapies for the Prevention of Respiratory Infections in Livestock 3:30 pm

Highlighting the severity of respiratory infectious diseases, which leads to substantial economic repercussions within the global cattle and swine sectors Discovering how Resilient Biotics combines metagenomic sequencing technologies and a suite of functional assays to develop novel microbiomebased therapeutics Analyzing the mode of action by which these innovative therapeutics act to combat respiratory pathogensRead more

day: Conference Day One

Panel Discussion: Connecting the Animal Health Industries 12:15 pm

Join our panel of animal health and nutrition experts as we catalyse meaningful conversation and the transfer of knowledge between the industries, all tacking the prevailing challenges of the animal space Find out best ways to educate veterinarian on research and learn about why they may be hesitant to use your products Connecting research from…Read more

day: Conference Day Two

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