Conference Day Two

8:30 am Registration & Coffee Morning

8:50 am Chairperson’s Opening Comments

Emerging Technology Transforming our Research in the Animal Space

9:00 am New Tools to Understand the Role of Nutrition on Microbiome Function and Organ Health in Companion Animals

9:30 am Thinking Outside the box: How we can View the Full Microbial Species in Animals

  • Prof Mick Watson Personal chair in bioinformatics and computational biology Director of Genomics at Edinburgh, The Roslin Institute and Royal(Dick) School of Veterinary Studies University of Edinburgh


• Current reference databases and taxonomies do not represent the full set of microbial species that are present in farmed animal microbiomes
• Using these reference genomes for taxonomic and functional analysis of farmed animal microbiomes can lead to false positives and also researchers can miss the effect of feed additives and probiotics
• We have developed a platform for microbiome analysis and discovery which solves these problems, leading to highly accurate precision analysis of the structure and function of farmed animal microbiomes, revealing shifts in the microbiota that other platforms miss

10:00 am Buccal Swabbing as a Rapid, Non-invasive, & Highly-scalable Method for Sampling the Rumen Microbiome

  • Garret Suen Associate Professor of Bacteriology, University of Wisconsin-Madison


• A major challenge in applying ruminal microbiome technologies on dairy farms is the inability to rapidly sample the rumen in a non-invasive manner.
• Using Buccal swabs can represent 70 – 75% of the ruminal microbiome
• This approach presents an opportunity to use shifts in the ruminal microbiome to assess metabolic disease states (e.g. subacute rumen acidosis, negative energy balance, etc)

10:30 am Structured Networking

Regulatory Approval for Microbiome-targeted Animal Products

11:30 am Pre-market Regulatory Approaches for Pre, Pro, and Postbiotics for use in Animals

  • Padmakumar Pillai Senior Advisor, R&D Scientific and Regulatory Affairs, Cargill, Inc.


• Potential regulatory pathways
• Scientific substantiation
• Product positioning and labelling

12:00 pm US Animal Feed Regulatory Scenario

  • Daniela Solomon Animal Health & Nutrition Regulatory Affairs Manager, Novozymes

12:30 pm Networking Lunch Break

The Importance of Exploring Translational Models Within the Animal Microbiome

1:30 pm Early Life Interventions in Birds to Improve Growth and Health: Role of Microbiota


• Development of microbiota
• Potential role of in ovo technology and the microbiota
• Effects of delayed post-hatch feeding on gut health and microbiota development

2:00 pm Microbiome-based Solutions in Companion Animal Health


• How microbiome research is changing medicine
• Effects of veterinary medications on native microbes
• Case studies on microbiome-based solutions

2:30 pm Linking Perturbations to Temporal Changes in Diversity, Stability & Compositions of Neonatal Calf Gut Microbiota: Prediction of Diarrhea

  • Leluo Guan PhD Professor - Functional Genomics & Microbiology Department of Agricultural, Food and Nutritional Science Associate Dean Graduate Studies Faculty of Agricultural, Life and Environmental Science, University of Alberta

3:00 pm Afternoon Networking & Refreshments

The Future of Meat Production & the Microbiome

3:30 pm Roundtable Discussions:


• What can we do to amplify livestock animal health?
• How can we produce with a high productivity & even higher sustainability?
• How can we get more people listening to the importance of the microbiome?
• Future thoughts on the animal health space

4:00 pm The Science of n=1


• Pitfalls of Field Research
• Interpretation of Field Trials

5:00 pm Close of Day Two and End of Conference