Events in the Series

2023 Events:


Investigate Microbes at Higher Resolution, Scale Manufacturing & Learn from the Clinic, to Support Smarter Late Stage Trial Execution, Demonstrate Efficacy Horsepower of Microbial-Based Products Across Diseases & Launch Novel Therapies into Market

June 28-30 | Boston, MA

Translating Scientific Findings of the Skin Microbiome into Commercially Viable Cosmetic & Therapeutic Products That Improve Skin Health

September 12-14, 2023 | San Diego, CA

Moving the Needle on R&D Innovation, Scientific Validation & Consumer Education to Unveil the Blockbuster Potential of the Microbiome & Transform Human Health


November 7-9, 2023 

2024 Events:

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Validate Novel Mechanisms of Action, Uncover the Latest Clinical
Results, and Establish Commercial Strategies to Accelerate Safe,
Effective & Approved Therapies to Market


Returning January 2024 

Define a Healthy Infant Gut Microbiome, Explore Longitudinal Infant Health Outcomes & Advance Nutritionally & Therapeutically Functional Microbes into Scientifically Validated Products for the First 1000 Days & Beyond

Returning March 2024 | Boston, MA

Maximizing Grower Adoption of Novel, Scientifically Validated Agbiologics that are Conducive to Scaled Up Fermentation, Optimizing Soil Health and Transforming Crop Yield, Sustainability Goals & Commercial Outcomes


Returning March 2024